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This Deed of Absolute Sale, made and executed in _________, Cebu, Philippines, on this ___ day of ________, by and between:   

_____________________, married to ______________________, of legal age, Filipinos, _________________ with residence and postal address at ____________________________ hereinafter called the SELLERS.

- a n d -

_____________________, married to ______________________, of legal age, Filipinos, _______________ with residence and postal address at _____________________________ hereinafter called the BUYERS.



WHEREAS, the SELLERS are the registered owners of that parcel of land, located in ______________, Metro Manila, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. _________ of the Registry of Deeds for __________, Metro Manila, more particularly described as follows:


(Technical Description)


WHEREAS, the BUYERS have offered to purchase the aforementioned parcel of land from the SELLERS and the latter have agreed to sell the same to the former.

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the amount of ____________________ ( Php _______ ) Philippine Currency (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by the SELLERS from the BUYERS, the SELLERS have sold, transferred and conveyed, as they hereby SELL, TRANSFER and CONVEY unto and in favor of the BUYERS), their successors and assigns, the above-described parcel of land embraced in Transfer Certificate of Title No. __________________________ free from all liens and encumbrances except those annotated and appearing at the back of Transfer Certificate of Title No. _________________.

SELLERS warrant that they have the right to sell the above-mentioned property by virtue of these presents; that they hold a good, valid and registrable title thereto; and that the same is not devoted to rice or corn or agricultural lease or tenancy, nor covered or subject to land reform.

The SELLERS shall execute and deliver, and submit to the BUYERS all such further documents and instruments as may be necessary in order that title over the above-mentioned property shall be transferred to and in the names of the BUYERS.

That SELLERS shall pay for the capital gains tax and documentary stamps; and the BUYERS shall pay for the registration fees, transfer fee/tax and other expenses of registration.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the SELLERS and the BUYERS have signed these presents on the date and at the place first above-written.


____________________ _____________________


TIN __________       TIN ____________       

with my marital consent:


________________________ _______________________

(Vendor's Spouse), if any (Vendee's Spouse), if any




____________________ ____________________





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